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Quiet, not Shy

Both of my children are fairly quiet in public. One is just pretty low-key all the time and not prone to say much in any situation. I think her personality is shaking out to be an introvert because some of her quiet ways remind me of myself. 
The other child hardly stops talking at home. She dances and flosses (not the dental kind) and says goofy things nearly all the time during most of her waking hours. And she has been like that since coming home to us back in 2012. In fact, her goofy ways have made her somewhat "internet famous" as I have detailed many of her silliest moments in my Facebook posts. There are many who follow these posts and laugh with us as a family, hoping to one day meet this hilarious character named "Little" (my internet nickname for her) they've read about so often on Facebook. Unfortunately, when they meet the famous and much-anticipated Little, she is the polar opposite of their expectation based on my descriptions of her antics. In p…

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